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Discover the perfect plants for your garden with our Plant Selection service. Our team of horticulturists and plant experts will provide you with expert recommendations tailored to your specific climate, garden conditions, and aesthetic preferences. With their knowledge and expertise, you’ll be able to create a vibrant and thriving garden that brings you joy year-round.

When you choose our Plant Selection service, our horticulturists will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your garden’s characteristics, including sunlight exposure, soil conditions, and moisture levels. This allows us to identify the ideal plants that will not only survive but thrive in your specific environment. We take into consideration factors such as color, texture, height, and seasonal interest to curate a diverse and visually appealing plant selection.

You’ll receive a customized list of plants that suit your garden’s needs and your design aspirations. Each plant recommendation is accompanied by detailed information on care requirements, including watering, fertilization, and pruning. This ensures that you have the knowledge and confidence to maintain your garden’s health and beauty.

Whether you’re looking for perennials, shrubs, trees, or flowering annuals, our Plant Selection service will provide you with a curated selection that meets your preferences and suits your garden’s unique conditions. Embrace the beauty of nature and create an enchanting garden that showcases your personal style with our expert plant recommendations.

Key Features:

  • Expert recommendations from horticulturists and plant experts
  • Assessment of your garden’s characteristics and environmental conditions
  • Customized list of plants suited to your climate and design preferences
  • Detailed information on care requirements for each plant
  • Creation of a diverse and visually appealing garden space


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